Disinsection (fr. Dés-, which means the destruction, removal + lat. Insectum – insect) – a type of disinfection, which includes a set of preventive and destructive measures for the destruction of the settlement and the number of insects (cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes , flies, lice, moths, mites, wasps, etc.), whose proximity to the person considered undesirable and have epidemiological and sanitary significance.

Disinfestation measures:

  • chemicals, hot water steam
  • biological agents (bacteria)

Destruction of insects:

  • Disinsectization wasps
  • Disinsectization lice
  • flies Disinsection
  • mosquito Disinsection
  • cockroaches Disinsection
  • ants Disinsection
  • Disinsection bugs
  • fleas Disinsection
  • Disinsectization moth
  • Disinsectization ticks

All these services disinfestation is one of the main activities of PE “Kres”. Work on disinfestation made taking into account the biological characteristics of each species of insects, and features the treated object. Our experts who have experience in this field and have modern technology and having in the arsenal of high-tech equipment, carry out such measures promptly and at a convenient time for the customer. In carrying out destructive activities overlooked safety for people and pets. If you need to work on the site involves entomologists are developing tactics of disinfestation.

All work is performed in accordance with HACCP and other European standards and requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine. At work performed is warranted from 4 to 12 months.

So whether on their own to deal with these insects – pests? It is better to trust professionals. After all, everyone must do their work. Therefore, we are always ready to assist you in overcoming problems that cause annoying insects – pests.