Disinfestation services – a set of measures to destroy rats, mice and other rodents.
It is a system of organizational, sanitation, hygiene and extermination measures to regulate the number of rodents is to ensure sanitary and epidemiological welfare, creating favorable conditions of human life by eliminating or reducing the harmful effects of rodents to man.

The need for disinfestation appropriate in the case when they were spotted traces of rodents (droppings, holes, etc.) or most rodents. Accommodation rodents is catering, utilities, elevators, warehouses, vehicles, industrial premises, offices, hotels, homes and apartments.

Deratization is divided into two kinds of work
preventive and fighter.

Preventive rodent control aimed at creating the conditions in which the rodents can not penetrate, to settle and multiply in a controlled area.
Fighter disinfestation aimed at the destruction of rodents that have already settled the area through regular extermination measures.
Most people are far from fighting rats and other rodents, trying to solve the issue themselves. Such attempts rarely achieve the desired results. Before the operation, the specialist will assess the amount of work, type of rodent population and so on. It is known that rodents are not only pests, but also transmit dangerous pathogens of infectious diseases, leptospirosis, typhus, plague and others. To effectively destroy the rats and other rodents should involve experts who will choose the correct method of struggle and most effective means.

The success of measures for disinfestation depends not only on the effectiveness of the poison, but also on a number of other conditions such as professionalism and experience. Experts in this field have to use a scientific approach and years of experience to solve this problem. In fact, it is important to find out the availability of the food base for rats and mice, to determine the most likely place to set baits especially important to have wealth of knowledge on the basics zoopsychology and treat their work responsibly, knowing that when dealing with poisons must comply with safety as performers and recipients of services.
Deratization – work is important and somewhat complicated, since rats and mice are very cunning and clever animals and are characterized by high fertility, birth unique ability to adapt to any conditions, incredible voracity, intuitive care, well-developed sense of smell and hearing. They can easily find food that is far away in remote places, easily guided and remember how to move in the open and indoors. Another characteristic of rats and mice, which makes it difficult to fight with them – powerful innate survival instinct. Therefore, their destruction should be approached creatively, constantly changing the methods and means of warfare, that is to be fully prepared. Holding rodent control will be effective only in the event that this task will be handled by experts.

Our company holds over 20 years of quality services disinfestation of premises and surrounding areas. In our work we use different methods, means and methods of rodent control, to achieve one hundred percent positive results in our work. All measures to destroy rodents conducted by experienced specialists with professional and highly advanced otrutoprynad and other means of rodent control.

In carrying out preventive and destructive activities aimed at protecting companies from rodents, we follow all the requirements of European and Ukrainian standards. Take into account the specifics of the company and wishes of the customer. Our goal is to help the customer to ensure the safety of food production and relieve the discomfort of others.
The costs of prevention and extermination of rodents will pay off handsomely preserved health and property.