The main activity of PE “Kres” – the works in Disinfection and fumigation and deratization (Pest Control – pest control), or – protection against pests such as bacteria, rodents, crawling and flying insects ambarni pests, birds, dogs, cats, etc.).

Our job – to ensure the implementation of the food industry one of the most important points of the program – pest. Also make sure that the company will continue these requirements fulfilled.

The company “Kres” working in Ukraine since 1994. To date, we have successfully contributed to the implementation of standards HACCP, ISO 22000, 2011 / ISO / TS 22002-1: 2009 and ISO ISO 22000: 2007 for such famous companies as “Nestle”, “Danon”, “Prezident”, “Tetra Pak Ukraine “,” Galakton “” Mayola “” Kalrsberh Ukraine “and many others.

Cooperating with our company you much faster and with less cost may go through certification. We provide professional consultants and support at all stages of certification and subsequently audited.

PE “Kres” repeatedly got rated “excellent” during various international and national audits for these enterprises. This is evidenced by the numerous awards our company.

Our specialists are constantly training and retraining in certain European institutions, as evidenced by the certificates. In our work we use the latest and most humane means of pest management. We also successfully apply new technologies and capture control pests. Being all necessary documentation perdbachena aforementioned standards.

We also have a special training program for pest control and produce such training for those responsible of our counterparties.

Immediately the company our experts conducted training, various training for future effective functioning of the enterprise.

Our company has also received a certificate which entitles our specialists conduct internal audits for the food industry. We constantly monitor the quality of work of our inspectors. For this we have a quality control department and auditing. We also introduced a system of online reporting. Our contractors have the opportunity at any time during my code go to our website and perehlyatuty online mode, all information in protecting their businesses from pests. This enables both us and our customers to keep abreast.

Our experts constantly auditors make recommendations in Pest Control and follow up their implementation on the part of the customer. This facilitates our cooperation.

Our task is not only to make money, and most importantly, help the company to overcome the problem of pests and subsequently eliminate it and keep on the borders of the castle for any pests.