Disinfection (from the French word “des” – denial, and Latin “infectio” – infection) – is the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, protozoa, fungi, toxins), their vectors (insects, mites) and rodents in environment that surrounds. When disinfecting disinfection or destroyed mainly pathogens. This is different from disinfection sterilization, where destroyed all kinds of microorganisms and their spores.

There are two types of disinfection:
alopecia and prevention.

Focal disinfection, also in turn divided into current and final all depends on what stage of transmission of infection is carried out.
Current disinfection is carried out in presence of the source of infection in a patient or batsylonosiya. The purpose of such disinfection: immediately destroy the pathogen after its withdrawal from the patient or the media to prevent dispersal of the pathogen in the environment
The final disinfection is carried out in the source of infection after isolation of the patient or batsylonosiya. The goal – the complete disinfection of objects that may be contaminated with infectious agents.
Preventive disinfection is ongoing, regardless of the source of infection. In order to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious disease and the causative agent accumulation in the environment.
disinfection Methods
physical and chemical, combinations in which the physical and chemical disinfection methods are used simultaneously. In addition, often in practice, using a combination of different materials or use different disinfectants in sequence.

Disinfection of
a set of sanitary – hygienic and anti-epidemic measures which have the purpose of disinfection of premises, furniture, dishes, clothes, discharge, toys, machinery, medical devices, household care, technological and sanitary – technical equipment and other objects “objects in health care ‘I, educational institutions, municipal facilities, transport enterprises pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and perererobnoyi industry.

In order to carry out disinfection need to know:

to be sanitized;
when necessary to disinfect;
how to conduct disinfection;
how to make disinfection.
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